Saturday, April 24, 2010

Four month report

Logan continued to grow near the 90th percentile. At 4 month, he measured 26 inches, weighed 16.3 pounds. His head circumference is 40 cm.

Logan had many firsts in the 4th month of his life. Besides turning over for the first time, Logan also had his first swim in a pool, got his first passport, first time meeting another Logan, first pee in the toilet, first subway ride, and many more ...

When Logan was 3 month old, his favorite thing to do was looking at himself in the mirror. Now at 4 month, he still loves the mirror, but his new favorite is to sit up or even stand up while his hands being held. Logan is growing stronger and stronger by the day.

Tomorrow we are going on a trip to China and Japan. This is going to be the first big trip with baby, and I am flying with Logan alone on a 13 hour flight. I hope Logan will enjoy the adventure!


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