Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ready to see my family

So this is Rajib. I've been stuck in Toronto for the past three weeks while Yang and Logan are enjoying themselves in China. Yang says she's more relaxed now as there are lots of family members happy to look after Logan; Yang doesn't have to entertain him every second of the day. That's great - she deserves some rest.

I'll be off to the airport to join them in just a few hours. There's no blogger (or facebook or picasaweb) access while in China, so we'll have the cone of silence on us for awhile. Which is fine since we'll be missing the Lost finale, the 24 finale, and the Survivor season finale while we're gone; I wouldn't want to accidentally hear something about them anyway.

Apparently, I've missed some big milestones of Logan's in the past three weeks. He is now regularly flipping over from back to front everyday. And he just recently discovered his feet and has been putting those in his mouth. I've heard he has grown so much that Yang has asked for even bigger baby clothes to come with my luggage to join them. I'm happy that Yang's family is getting to see these milestones first hand, but I kind of feel like I'm missing out!

I'll see them in just a few hours, though, hopefully in time to celebrate Logan's 5th month-aversary this Sunday, May 16th. I can't wait to see you guys!!

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