Friday, December 10, 2010

11 months update

I can't believe it has been 4 months since the last post. Life with Logan is definitely getting busier and busier. The last few months taking care of Logan was very challenging! He is now at the stage that he crawls so fast and he is so eager to explore everything, yet he doesn't understand dangers and "No". I have to constantly watch him, pull him away from things, and take care of his needs, as long as he is awake. Logan's sleeping time on the other hand is getting shorter now. He takes about 2 naps everyday, totaling around 2 hours, plus another 10 hours of sleep at night, to make up to 12 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. That means I have to do everything that need to be done within the other 12 hours, including cooking 3 meals, eating, cleaning up Logan's mess, shower, sleep, and whatever other household and personal maintenance tasks that cannot involve a baby. Time just goes too fast! Even though it's hard, I try to enjoy every moment I can! Because what's past with Logan I will never be able to experience again.

Winter makes me sad. I know it makes Logan sad too. But Logan gets so bored at home, so I try to get him out as much as I can, when the weather is not too bad. We used to go out 3 trips a day in the summer time, but in winter, I limit our trip outdoor to no more than once a day, due to all the overhead. It takes half an hour to get Logan dressed in order to go out anywhere. Then he has to be stuck in the snow suit, instead of crawling on the grass like what we did in summer. Here is a picture of Logan in his winter gear looking like an Eskimo.

It is so cold outside this season, and many people get sick. So did poor Logan, he caught some bugs and had an ear infection 2 weeks ago, and had to take antibiotics. I am not a big fan of drugs especially for little babies, so it was the hardest week for me having to feed him 3 doses of the medicine. It smelled nasty.

I am going to take advantage of the swimming pool though this winter. It is so convenient that we don't even have to leave the building, going to the pool becomes much easier than going outdoor and also more fun for Logan. Logan is becoming more and more comfortable with water too. He likes to float on my arms and kick his legs. I bet Logan thinks he can swim!

Logan sitting on the steps.

Logan being dunked in water.

Another big decision I have to make when Logan is approaching 1 year is whether I should go back to work right away. It's very hard to leave him to day care, since he is still a little baby. Logan has grown so attached to me, I know he will be very upset for a long time if he has to be with someone else. I have interviewed quite a few day cares by now and asked every detailed questions. The answers I got really are pointing me one way than the other. The food at day care can't compare to what I make for him, and he will not to able to get breast milk throughout the day. I think at this age, food and nutrition definitely outweighs the activities and social interaction they get at daycare. Plus I have been doing EC with him, the day care teachers won't be able to pick up the signals from him and be as diligent as we are. I am really leaning toward spending more time with Logan and just to make sure he is being taken care of, until at least he can walk and talk a little. It's a tough decision to make financially. But the reasoning around money is out of the window, husband and I both want to do what is the best for Logan. It's also a tough decision to make for myself. Sometimes I really just want a break and wish someone else can look after him. I imagine myself when I am 50, I know I will wish I had spent more time with my baby rather than working a few more months, because Logan is only 1 year old once! I will have to make my decision right, so that I won't regret later.


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