Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My growing baby

Logan turned 2 month last week! In the second month of his life, Logan has definitely learned quite a few new skills. He started to smile at around 4 to 5 weeks, just occasionally in the morning when he was in a good mood; but by 7 weeks he was smiling all the time already! Now when he is really happy, he opens his mouth wide with a huge laugh while waving his arms and legs non-stop. Logan also enjoyed his baby gym a lot more in the second month. He could spend quite some time looking at all the colored animals dangling above him. Logan loves to make eye contacts and loves the attention when people talk to him. Logan likes to make all sort of sounds as well, especially when I talk to him in his language, like "au", "ah", "goo", "woo", "hi" he will happily respond on his turn, then he will act very excited about having a conversation!

Logan gave us some hard time too this month. He was very colicky for a few weeks since about 4 weeks old, often cried for hours before going to sleep every night and having a difficult time falling asleep during the day as well. I used to sing and rock him for hours. Around 7 to 8 weeks, Logan's sleeping issues finally started to improve. Now he has out grown the colic. I was even surprised that lately he could go to sleep with only a little help from me. Logan is totally a grown-up baby now!

I didn't think babies this age can recognize people. But Logan clearly prefers me to daddy when he is cranky. Logan would cry if daddy tries to rock him to sleep in the evening, and would calm down right away when I take him over and sing his favorite song. It makes me so proud that I am special to him! I really don't care that I am the only person can calm him down, even though that means a lot more work for me. Sometimes I think about when Logan grows up, one day mommy won't be his best friend any more. It makes me sad that I will lose my baby, so I cherish the time with him now even more.

At Logan's second month checkup, he weighed 6.13 kg (13.5 pound) and measured 61 cm (24 inch) in height. Both weight and height are consistently at 90th percentile again. Logan's head circumference is 38 cm, which is a little below average. Doctor said there is nothing to be concerned about, since they only measure the head to detect big head baby which may indicate too much fluid in the head. So doctor said Logan doesn't have a big head problem. At least daddy will be happy -- daddy doesn't like big head people!

This week we are officially retiring Logan's 0-3 month size clothes, since Logan is already bigger than an average 3 month old. Logan is growing very fast! As a parent, I will have to learn even faster about baby's development to keep up with him, so that I can provide him the proper supports at each stage of the development.


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