Friday, January 29, 2010

Logan's first stroller ride

I have been waiting for this stroller to arrive for too long. Uppa Baby Vista 2010 model was the stroller we ordered for Logan back in November last year. Logan was due late in December, and we thought we wouldn't need the stroller for the first little while, thus we could wait for the 2010 model that includes a couple of new features. However since Logan was born a week earlier, then I was home alone after Rajib went back to work, I became really bored and eager to get out for the last 2 weeks.

Finally the stroller arrived this Thursday! The most expensive piece of gear we bought for Logan so far. I have planned weeks ago that the first trip out after I have the stroller is to get a haircut that has been long overdue. Even though the weather was extremely cold yesterday, I decided that we would still attempt the trip to the hair salon which is only 5 minutes walk away. It takes a lot of planning to get out with a baby. I finally got everything ready, but the moment I put Logan in the stroller bassinet, he started screaming. At the end, the first ride did not even make it to the elevator.

I eventually gave up the hope of taking him with me to my hair dresser. I changed plan to take short walks inside the building instead to get Logan accustomed to the stroller bassinet before heading out anywhere. But the three walks we had yesterday and today all started and ended with screaming and crying; yet he always calm down right away as soon as I take him out of the bassinet.

The good news is that so far Logan seems to only hate the bassinet piece of the stroller, but is OK with the seat piece of stroller at the most reclined setting. Even though I understand the benefit of having baby lie flat in the bassinet, it broke my heart to hear him screaming non-stop, so taking him out in the bassinet is no longer an option; and for my sanity, I decided I can not continue being stranded at home, so we will have to go out in the stroller seat. Tomorrow, we will try to take Logan out for the first real ride in the mall.

Logan is only 6 weeks and a few days old, but he clearly knows his surroundings and has likes and dislikes. I am just amazed at how he has a mind of his own already at this young age. He is actually quite demanding! Little infants don't JUST eat and sleep.

I really hope that he could love the bassinet piece of his stroller. This is a very special stroller we picked out for him, we waited for months, and it cost $800! Out of all things he has, Logan loves his bounce chair the most, even more than being held by mommy and daddy sometimes! So we call it his "throne". Interestingly the throne cost $0, was incomplete with some attachment fell off already at the time we got as a hand-me-down. If things have baby values, then baby values definitely do not always equal to the monetary values of these things.


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