Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here is the reason ....

Haven't been here for a long time ... sometimes I feel it's actually hard to write a post on a blog.

Who is reading this? I don't know ... now this is the tricky part. What if no one reads it? Then it's kind of a waste of efforts, isn't it? But that's not the worst yet, at least if really no one is reading it, I can post whatever I do, I think, I feel here.

There are definitely worse scenarios:

What if my boss reads it? Perhaps I bitched about my work here one day, and wanted to quit; or had a crush on one of my clients, (of course, hypothetically speaking!!!) wouldn't that be so awkward?

What if my family reads it? I don't want them to know that sometimes I get sad too and feel difficult about life. I am sure they will be so worried across the ocean knowing that they can't do anything to help. Maybe I just "tough it out" and not ever mention it.

What if my enemy reads it? I am telling my stories here to my dear friends who are far away. But somebody may get to know a little too much about my life than I would like to tell them.

I am confused ... I don't want to strip naked in front of the public, besides I don't know who is in the crowd.

So here is what I learned today:

Yam and Sweet Potato are used interchangeably in North America, but they are two different things. The kind of produce labelled as "Yam" in the grocery store are often sweet potatoes. For example, I cooked "Yam" for my hubby yesterday, but they were actually sweet potatoes. For a better explanation, here is a picture of sweet potato -- the type I cooked last night.


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