Thursday, August 9, 2007

Healthy eating starts with brown rice

About 2 weeks ago, doctor told my husband that he has high cholesterol and he needs to pay attention to what he eats everyday.

Of course, it sounds bad -- for someone who is only 30 year old to have high cholesterol? It must be hard to live until 50 if this trend continues ... But I think this is kind of a good news too, because we are all changing for a healthier lifestyle.

I always believe that my husband used to eat crap. Really there is not much he can do about it, except for to really learn some cooking skills. The most gourmet meal he could put together during his university years was called "Hot Rajib Special", which is toasted bread with peanut butter and Jelly. Because of that, he developed a taste for Hamburgers, KFC, Pizza and French Fries.

Now his bad days are over. But no matter how much I told him not to each those junk food, of course he always got his way a few times a week, and even got me to eat KFC and Pizza more than I would like to.

Until he was told about his new condition ....

Now he has cut down on hot chocolate, pops, sweets, cheese, fries ....

Recently I have been reading a lot on the Internet about nutrition and health-promoting foods. Here is a good site I found that lists 130 healthiest foods can be used as the base for everyday cooking:

2 days ago, I bought a bag of brown rice. I decided that I will improve our eating starting from the one kind of food that plays the biggest part in the meals!!! Of course, we won't stop there, I am really looking forward to make all the changes for a balanced eating!


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