Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer is fun!

We are totally settling back into our normal life now and enjoying the summer time! Since the weather is nice and hot, there are lots of activities that we can take Logan to participate in: picnic, BBQ, out for a walk, visiting farmer's market, visiting OEYC, going to the playground and swimming pool.

There is a new OEYC satellite location opened up at Yonge and Sheppard this month. Even though it's very small and only operates on Fridays, it's still a huge plus in terms of convenience. We checked it out on it's opening day, literally 5 minutes walk from our condo. There is a huge population living in the area, so it's about time to have an OEYC for the kids in the neighborhood.

Logan grew to love the swing this month! He was a little scared the first time he got in a baby swing, but he overcame the fear when he tried it the second time. Now as long as the weather is good, I always take Logan to the playground once a day. He will laugh when he gets a push, which is really cute!

Another sport that Logan enjoys in the summer is swimming. I love that we have a swimming pool in the building, with a sun roof -- so the whole pool gets warmed up so nicely! Especially on the really hot days that we can't go out anywhere else, I love going down to the swimming pool with Logan. The tricky part is taking him by myself -- because Logan can't really stay still by himself, it really is a challenge to organize all the swim gears and dress myself while taking care of him. I recently found this awesome "learn to swim ring" for Logan from Canadian Tire for only $4.99. Logan learned to balance himself inside the floating ring within a few minutes. At the beginning he puts his head in the water to play, but he quickly figured out he shouldn't do that and held up his neck instead. It will be nice to have Logan swim with other babies around as well, but so far I am a little reluctant to go to a public swimming pool for a few reasons -- our pool in the building is really convenient, has higher water temperature and is chlorine free -- one of the improvement our condo board made last year -- the pool is kept clean by a salt water system, which is healthier and more economical.


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