Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trip of Cherry Picking

I had planned to go for cherry picking on the past Sunday almost a week ago. The cherry season here is in the month of July, so I really hoped for a good weather. If I missed this weekend, it will probably be next year when I have another chance again.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, it was dark as night outside. Too bad, it was a rainy day, and the dark clouds extended to the end of the sky, as far as I could see. Not a single patch of thinner cloud that could let in some sun. It was so disappointing!!! Our friends had dropped out of the trip because of the rain. Our determination was definitely shaken too at this point.

After breakfast, husband and I sat there and tried to think of something alternative to do for the day: maybe go to a movie, or cook Indian food to kill time? Nothing suits the mood. Then finally, our desire for cherries had pushed us to go to the cherry farm anyways ... let's take a chance!

The drive was more than one hour from North York to Beamsville. I was constantly looking around at the clouds and trying to examine the condition and predict what the weather would be like ahead. I had never paid this much attention to the weather before, at least not in the recent years when I was trapped in office buildings throughout the days.

The endless dark clouds were actually not as far as it seemed. We drove out of it within 20 minutes. Then I could see some light clouds coming up -- I was completely thrilled inside -- yay, it's gonna be good weather on the farm! But wait, I was too happy too early. Only another 10 minutes gone by, we had driven out of the good weather already, and there is endless darkness ahead of us. Soon after, it became shower, then it was pouring. I heard the rain banging on the car and the road was completely white. I shouted at my husband: "Can we still pick cherries in this weather? Have you regretted about coming out?" We had driven more than half way out, it was too late to turn around, so we kept on going. I checked the time over and over, we were only 20 minutes away from the farm now, the rain better stop. As I was thinking, it really became smaller and smaller, we could see some lights at the end of the highway again. When we were finally out of the rain, there were some beautiful fog welcoming us. We went through the fog again and left it behind us.

I thought it was a perfect journey for a natural science class. And it sort of felt like driving through time as well, experiencing all the different weathers in mere an hour of time. Summer weather is this interesting!

During the entire two and half hours while we were picking cherries on the farm, the weather was cloudy, but it treated us kindly without much rain. We had a lot of fun and brought home 17 pounds of cherries!

I am really grad that we took the chance to come out for the trip. For future reference, this is the place we went.

The fridge is filled up with the dark and sweet cherries now! Time for me to eat some cherries.


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